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Hi there!  We are a married couple originally from the United States currently living in Sydney, Australia.  We are both bisexual and have been living in an open relationship since the day we started in this relationship.  Some think this means that we aren’t committed to one another, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  We are fiercely loyal to one another and consider each other to be “home base”, the place we will always return to no matter what.

Join us as we talk, explore, and discover more about ourselves and each other.


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Mar 10, 2016

Hey y’all!  We’re back again with some questions we’ve been emailed from a very special listener from The States. First up, though, we have a lot to talk about from the last couple weeks!  Listen to our recent experiences with our … Continued

Mar 2, 2016

Hey y’all!  It has been a long long long time since our last episode, and we apologize!  First of all let us apologize for the audio quality of this one; whilst its not terrible, we know its not the best. … Continued